A Hero of Today / Tallinn / June 1-8, 2011

Themed on philosophy and science of tomorrow, the meeting opens a discussion on how the shift of eras can be reflected by performing arts. It is searching for what makes a hero of today both physically and mentally. Mentor: Peeter Jalakas, artistic director of Von Krahl Theatre. Lecturer: Tarmo Juristo, PhD in Studies of Culture, Tallinn University (“Virtues of the Heroes through the History and Their Forms of Expression in 21st Century”).

The BaNd:expanded atelier in Tallinn is organized by Von Krahl Theatre.

Immaterial Labor / Trondheim / February 13-21, 2012

Themed on immaterial labour, the atelier discusses material labour, post-fordism philosophy and its trace in performing arts. Mentor: Manuel Pelmus, Romanian choreographer. Tutors: Stefan Hoelscher, Research Associate of MA programme “Choreography and Performance” at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies in Giessen, and Florian Schneider, filmmaker, writer and curator. Guest artists: Eirik Fauske and Amund Sjølie Sveen.

Preliminary schedule: BaNd_Trondheim_plan

The organizer of BaNd:expanded atelier in Trondheim is Avant Garden.

Diary and Documentation / Vilnius-Alanta / June 19-25, 2012

This atelier, divided into two contrasting periods – one taking place in the capital city Vilnius and another one – in a small village Alanta, explores the notions of DIARY and DOCUMENTATION. Participants are asked to continue the chosen real diary from the viewpoint of the diary-keeper, i.e., another identity, be it from another culture, another country, another sex or age. The documentation may be video, sound, text, performance etc. but presented as short presentations several times during the workshop. Mentor: Kirsten Dehlholm, artistic director of Hotel Pro Forma. Tutor: Ville MJ Hyvönen, video artist. Guest artist: Gintaras Varnas.

Preliminary schedule: BaNd_LT_ schedule

Kirsten Dehlholm’s note_to_participants

BaNd:expanded in Alanta will be organized by Lithuanian Theatre and Cinema Information and Education Centre in collaboration with New Theatre Institute of Latvia.

Art and Activism. Tactical Performance / Helsinki-Tampere / November 8-14, 2012

This atelier focuses on political strategies in art and explores the connection between art and activism. According to the mentor of the atelier, American author, performer, and the founding director of the Center for Artistic Activism/West Coast, Larry M. Bogad, the TACTICAL PERFORMANCE engages with and supports current social conflict/social movement campaigns. Participants are asked to bring to the Atelier a political issue or problem they want to confront and explore in performance, and at least one nonfictional text that deals with that issue. During the first phase in Helsinki participants will see and discuss the performances of the Baltic Circle Festival. The second phase of the workshop in Tampere will be dedicated to theory and practice of the tactical performance.

Preliminary schedule: BaNd_FI_schedule

Larry M. Bogad’s note_to_participants

The Atelier will take place in Helsinki (November 8-11) and Tampere (November 11-14) and is organised by Q-teatteri in connection to the International Theatre Festival Baltic Circle and Tampere University Centre for Practice as Research in Theatre.

On Curatorship: Phantom Power Re-edit / Malmö / April 22-29, 2013

Run by performance related artist and choreographer Mårten Spångberg and theoretician Bojana Cvejić, this atelier will explore the ‘curatorial turn’ in performing arts and encourage artists to become the curators.

Next to seminars and discussions around the topic the intention is to create a collaborative ”groupshow”, a presentation or performance that intend to follow or use as dramaturgical leit-motif the script of a generic “groupshow”, i.e., to use an exhibition format from a concept to promotion, from a choice of artists to hanging, from a curatorial strategy to a catalogue or a publication.

On April 25 at 5pm there will be a public lecture by Bojana Cvejić on social choreography at the foyer of Inkonst followed by the performance “Slowfall” by Mårten Spångberg in the theatre of Inkonst at 7pm. The audience is also welcome to the BaNd:expanded “Groupshow” at Inkonst on April 27, 2013.

Practical information and preliminary schedule: BaNd_Malmo_info

Mårten Spångberg’s note to participants

The BaNd:expanded atelier in Malmo is organized by Inkonst.

Chrono-Logics / Riga / August 27 – September 4, 2013

Moderated by members of performance collective BADco. Goran Sergej Pristaš and Tomislav Medak, this atelier will focus the logics and logistics of temporality in performing arts and artistic labour in general.

‘While different temporal structures are always represented in spatial terms, the lab will start from a presumption that theatre is always temporal mode of representation of spatial manifestations. Instead of a final performance the aim of the lab is to create a complex temporal diagram of encounters, swerves and spatial relations in BaNd:expanded. Throughout the workshop we will disscuss different concepts of time and its representation like “time after (in)completion”, “projective temporality”, “time that remains”, “operative time” “working time”, “timeless time”, “life-time”, “time-space compression” etc.’ (Goran Sergej Pristaš)

The first part of the atelier (27.-31.08.) will take place in the recreation centre “Bruveri” in Sigulda. The last days of the atelier will coincide with the International Festival of Contemporary Theatre “Homo Novus”, and the participants will have the opportunity to see performances, meet artists and present the outcome of the BaNd:expanded atelier during the festival.

BaNd:expanded atelier in Riga is organized by the New Theatre Institute of Latvia.