Iggy Malmborg



I am actor and performance artist. Educated as an actor at the Theatre Academy of Malmö. Since 2006 my focus has been as much on Performance art as on Theatre. I work with various styles and aesthetics both solo and in several production-based collaborations.

In theatre I work in the field of postdramatic theatre, with groups such as Institutet (Malmö) and Teatermaskinen (Riddarhyttan).

I am one half of White on White, a performance duo which aims to find strategies of how to turn the theoretical achievements of the so called Critical Whiteness Studies into productive forces in the field of the aesthetical and the social. Focusing on the politics of art spaces as such.

In my solo work the body has a central position. Especially in the porridge series, where I explore the consciousness’s reaction on physical strain and how different specific presences effect the perception of reality.
My main focus is to use the actual situation, the contexts in which the pieces are shown, as models on which the works discourse can be applied.
My process starts from theory; with aesthetics as a necessary progression to create fields of critical thinking.