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Let me tell You a story.

It happened eleven-twelve years ago.

There was this boy and… I fell in love. It was for the first time in my life. And it was real. Oh, so real. But he didn’t know that I even exist.

Anyway, I was looking for opportunities to be with him. So that he could see me, I could charm him, he would fall in love and – Happy End.

So, he was a smoker.

And I wasn’t. But I tried. Several times. During the breaks between school classes behind the school corner.

But we never met there. So I decided to quit.

Then I heard that he loves to hang out in the Town Hall Square in Tallinn. And so did I start to do.

But we never met there either. And I didn’t hang out there anymore.

Then I heard that he goes to drama classes somewhere in Tallinn.

At that time in our school opened a drama course. So, I started to go there (hoping that he would come there also).

But he never came.

But I continued.

Once, during Xmas, we had a performance coming out and we needed some music there. As I had been to music school (for that time more than nine years) – I played violin and guitar and sang and accompanied on piano in that performance.

Anyway, after the performance, which was a great success of course, people told me that I had done a great sound design.

Sound design? Hmm…

After high school (2004) I went to University of Tartu to study as a music teacher. One of my teachers (who was an opera singer in the theater there) became a very good friend of mine. Once she told me that she wants to introduce me to the music director of Theater Vanemuine where she was working (Theater Vanemuine is the first and oldest professional theater in Estonia, est. 1906).

So, we met up.
And after the meeting he asked me, if I wanted to do one work in Vanemuine as a sound designer.


So I did.

And after that work came two more.

When I graduated (2007) I wanted to go study as a sound designer, but unfortunately it’s not possible to do in Estonia. But I thought that instead of that, I’d try to get in to Theater school in Viljandi as a director.

And that’s what happened.

Those were amazing four years.

During that time I had the opportunity to work with amazing directors as Kalju Komissarov, Peeter Raudsepp, Saša Pepeljajev, Peeter Jalakas (Shakespeare “King Lear”), Mara Kimele (Ibsen “Hedda Gabler”), Juhan Ulfsak and Anni Ojanen (Trier “The Idiots”) and Kristian Smeds (Dostoyevsky “12Karamazovs”). And of course worked with the best young actors from my course.

(I can tell about those four years some other time)

I graduated last year (2011).

Anyway, today I’m working as a Music Director in Von Krahl Theater in Tallinn (which in my humble opinion is the best theater in Estonia).

Oh, and what about the boy?

Two years after I fell in love, we eventually did meet and became good friends (no love story, tho). Today he is a father to a baby-girl and happily engaged to a beautiful lady.

And my point with the story is – Love Is the Drive.

Loore Martma / 18 Feb 2012 / 11:07

Just saying…

… Today is the birthday of NO99 Threater. Seven years old.

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Loore Martma / 14 Feb 2012 / 1:46

Immaterial rain

Today after the performance.. Well, derived from the talk me and Ludvig had earlier- I had my head full of different thoughts. Luckily we solved them quickly.

But first..

Lets say that art has a mission. I mean, why we do or need art. Ok, art has a mission. What is the mission about? To get closer to the truth? What truth? (what is the artistic truth?) Ok, one can call it differently- truth, love, god. Whatever, that’s up to the artist.
So now, when we add to the subject the fact that this year will be the end of the world. Then, its like You find out that Your great-aunt is going to die. And as she is the wisest lady You know, she will give You all the answers. But the point is, You have to ask the right question.
I hope You still follow me.
So, You wish that there is hope in the end (in the end of what? Performance? Great-aunts life?). They say that artist cannot take away the hope (ok, that’s also questionable) but anyway, I continue. Then, what is the hope in the end of the world?
That there is the afterlife?
There is paradise waiting for You?
Or us?
Come on.

So, these were the some thoughts I had after the performance.

The Thai food was really good.

Hello-hello to Martins.


Loore Martma / 03 Jun 2011 / 10:26


This is how I make my coffee:
I have the usual Italian stove-top espresso makers (I bought from one very nice antiques shop, close to Balti Jaam). It contains three parts: the lower part, where I add water; the middle part, the sieve, where I add two tbsp of coffee (what coffee, I will get to it) and also press the grounded coffee together a bit with the help of the spoon; and the third part, to put the pot on the stove, where the water starts to boil and the steam goes through the coffee and ends up in the upper part of that jug. Lovely, huh?

Ok, what kind of a coffee I use – there’s a small coffee shop close to Raekoja Square, called Kehrwieder. So far, my favourite coffee in town. There You can taste different coffees, You can buy coffee beans and also let them to grind the beans. Of course depending on how You make Your coffee.
So when I bought my Tanzanian coffee (tho I wanted Yemens), the whole day i had the package in my bag.. and the smell was delicious. Also, starting my preparations on making a morning coffee, it’s the first smell that gets to me.

As soon as the water starts to boil, the jug starts to make different sounds and small coffee-smelling clouds. I pour the coffee to the small brown cup. No milk nor sugar added. And take the first sip of it. Mmmmh!

It’s all about taking time. And having time.

Also I would like to share a beautiful song by Tina Dickow (inspired by Heroes).

And a picture (inspired by rituals).