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My name is Ludvig Uhlbors and I am a Playwright and Performance artist based in Malmö, Sweden.

I have been associated with the theatre company “Institutet” in Malmö. Two years ago I left this company in order to allow myself longer writing processes. Since then I have been writing a book discussing contemporary stage art and how it relates to Fine Art and other surrounding cultural systems.

Apart from “Institutet” I have also worked with other theatre companies in Sweden and performed in Finland as well as in Germany.

After “Institutet” I launched a new Theatre/Art company in Malmö together with three Fine artists. The company is called “Etikett”. For me “Etikett” represents, an opportunity to explore the possibilities of theatre in an art context.

I would describe myself as process-oriented and as engaged in updating the language of stage art.

My current artistic investigation focuses on different ways of portraying human beings in text. In this I am interested in the different ideological consequences of describing people using different languages.
The relationship between philosophy and ethics in the human condition is of course essential in both storytelling and performing arts.

When we approach the subject of imitating people we must face the basic question over and over again: what constitutes a subject, an individual, and how should we go about the task of discussing this being?

As soon as we define a person we also make a statement concerning on what level we believe the individual to be a cultural or biological/spiritual product.

Ludvig Uhlbors / 07 Jun 2011 / 11:03


I feel that we now have started to make the project ours. To me, we are at the point were it is easy to be creative. An interesting process has now been initiated; one that begins with the individuals that constitutes it.

Thank you everyone for sharing, see you later today

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Ludvig Uhlbors / 06 Jun 2011 / 9:38

Off-dramatic theatre?

I spent this morning trying to connect with one of the most basic assumptions we have been introduced to. Peeter Jalakas initially expressed a desire to suggest an esthetic for the future. Even though I find it difficult to conform to the idea of producing a hero for tomorrow I do find it interesting to look for possible future esthetic strategies.

Svetlana Boym, an artist living in Cambridge, has suggested a new prefix. Instead of “fast changing prefixes” she writes “like Post, anti, neo, trans and sub – that suggests an implacable movement forward… I propose to go off: “Off” as in “off kilter,” off Broadway”, “off the map”, or “way off”, “off brand”, “off the wall” and occasionally “off color”.” READ MORE

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Ludvig Uhlbors / 05 Jun 2011 / 21:34

Stories, topics and communication

I had another wonderful day in Tallin. The exhibition at the Kadriorg art museum, Gateways, is well worth a visit. I also visited a vital queer exhibiton, Untold stories, at the Tallin art hall. The exhibition leaned toward activism in its expression but that is quite understandable taking the context and the contemporary discussion in Tallin on HBT issues in consideration.

I spent the evening trying to get under the skin of the Gilgamesh epos. I found several interesting themes in the text, and a good sense of humour too, but in the end I still remain with the same question; why Gilgamesh?

If Gilgamesh is about us humans trying to escape our inevitable death then I am all for discussing this topic with the audience but I don´t see why the myth should stand between me and the audience in order for us to be able to bring this topic to our mutual attention.

This being said I am happy I have spent more time with the material. I now have several suggestions for interesting topics. The remaining three days will be very interesting.

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Ludvig Uhlbors / 05 Jun 2011 / 11:13


Thank´s guys for the excellent barbeque yesterday!

This is our day off. Some of us are going to the art museum at half past 10 and then I think I will spend the day relaxing and reading up on the material more closely. There has not really been any time for private reflection in the midst of all the mingling.

I want to find out if I can get anything out of the myth of Gilgamesh, especially since my first reaction was that the material had very little to do with me. I am gonna give it a shot.

Then maybe a sauna at the hotel.

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Ludvig Uhlbors / 04 Jun 2011 / 21:24

Hesitation and desire

My first experience is that a series of very strong assumptions has been made prior to our arrival and I feel I have arrived in a context restricted by some very clearly defined limitations. This is not necessarily a problem, limitations can be very inspiring, but I am used to have more saying in the processes.

There is, however, a stated agenda with this workshop. Our host, Peeter Jalakas, wants to discuss what comes after postmodernism. He talked about postmodernism as the “cynical” and “ironical” period of “deconstruction”.

For my part I feel that postmodernism, or poststructuralism, has provided me with many useful tools, tools that are still relevant today. For example Gender studies or Queer theory. Relational esthetics can also be one suggestion of how postructuralism has suggested a positive alternative to essensialism. READ MORE

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