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I was born on 7th September 1987 in Tallinn, Estonia. In year 2006 I graduted German Gymnasium Kadriorg and after a year in army I started to study acting at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, which I graduated June 2011. Now I am a free-lance actor. My interest towards acting began when my aunt got her first video camera. Me, my brother and my aunt’s children started to make short films. At first our films were quite primitive and we made new one every week. In time they got better and now I have made amateur movies for 6 years. Although I wrote the script for the film, partially directed and filmed it, I specially liked to act in my films. As I had discovered acting and wanted to train my skills as an actor, I went to study it. I like to examine human relationships through theatre. So that the communication between two people on stage could happen very simply and honestly, but in that sense powerfully. To rip down all the masks, to get two real people with their fears and dreams talk to each other. Or to put on the masks, to examine the masks through theatre, the masks people are using to hide their true nature. I am very interested in physical theatre. Physical in a sense, that actor tells a story very strongly trough his whole body, that actor trains his body expression to the very peak. The text actor is speaking should very strongly be connected with the body, so that an actor speaks trough his whole body. I am also fascinated by visual theatre – beautiful pictures on stage, like paintings, created trough light and strong visual elements. I like usage of ordinary things in different context. I also take an interest in street theatre. Madis Mäeorg Tallinn 2011

Madis Maeorg / 16 Feb 2012 / 0:00

I wonder if Baltic countries have in some sense more result-based thinking in artmaking than Nordic countries?


Madis Maeorg / 14 Feb 2012 / 2:36

Wind fighting the rain behind the window. With every minute I get sleepier.
It was a good day. Somewhat wet, but otherwise good. Don’t know what to think of Trondheim yet…nice houses mixed with big building constructions, charlie chaplin and adam & eve barbershops…
Avant Garden has a good energy.  “LINDÅS” was weird touching sad dark beautiful.

Good Thai food!


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Madis Maeorg / 01 Jan 2012 / 23:16


Are you ok there in Trondheim?

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Madis Maeorg / 09 Jun 2011 / 22:17

Good evening

Summer vacation has begun and the ending of the school is near. It was great to meet you guys. You are all strong individuals and really interesting to work with.

Thank you for this time! I hope to get to know you better in Norway!

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