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Maike Lond (b. 1981) graduated from the Royal Academy of Art, The Hague, the Netherlands. She works with a focus on the area of electroacoustic music combined with visual and interactive installations. Her works have been exhibited at numerous festivals in the Netherlands, Estonia, Finland, and Germany. In addition, she was a co-author of and performer in several theater performances. Her last project, MIM GOES SUSTAINABLE, deals with sustainability in theater, and it was shown in the European Capitals of Culture Tallinn and Turku in 2011.

I’m living in a deep forest and once in a while I go to town to do some shopping. Most of the time I work at home and when needed I spend my time in theaters. Recently I was performing in Spielart Festival in Munich. It felt good to get away from the forest for a moment. It’s dark in the winters, we have no streetlights in the forest. In January 2012 I go to brut/Vienna to perform there. I will see the streetlights once again and I bet the shops have 70% post-Christmas discount, after all, there’s still the idea that consuming will save the planet.

Maike Lond / 30 Jun 2012 / 14:16

coma piece


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Maike Lond / 05 Jun 2011 / 22:47

individual work:hard work

…i’ ve spent the whole sunday mowing the lawn
…6 hours in the monotone sound of the internal combustion engine … the whole time i wasn’t thinking ’bout gilgamesh … i agree with ludvigs post that i dont seem to find a relation to this story .. it somehow keeps on being just a nice story.. and that’s it.
… instead i ve been thinking about nowadays heros – and for some reason thinkin’ ’bout the wikileaks drama and Obama declaring a war against hacking and hackers it seems that my present times hero is the hacking scene where people risk with their lives just to get the political/economical systems more transparent – to get the news Real News.
… don’t know why im talking about it.
… somebody wrote that we have to.
see u tmrw

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