Rasmus Slätis



I was born and raised in Helsinki, Finland. I went to the Rudolf Steiner School in Helsinki where theatre and art are an essential part of the education.
In 1999 me and my friends founded the theatre Nya Rampen.
In 2003 I started my studies at the Theatre Academy in Helsinki, together with two of my friends from Nya Rampen. During our studies at the Theatre Academy we produced plays of our own in order to further develop our own esthetics.
Since graduating in 2007 we have been working full time with Nya Rampen. I work primarily as an actor, but I have also directed and written two shows.   
We have collaborated with several theatres since then, most recently with Institutet from Malmö, Sweden. Together with Institutet and artist Markus Öhrn we produced our last show, “Conte d’Amour”, which premiered in Berlin in May 2010.
Due to the positive feedback “Conte d’Amour” received in Berlin, we are now residing in the German capital. The upcoming year we will produce two shows in Berlin.

Besides my work with Nya Rampen I’ve worked as director and drama pedagogue. I was the leader of the Swedish students theatre in Helsinki 2009-2010.