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I am Swedish but I live in Brussels since 7 years. I have studied at the Royal Swedish Ballet school in Stockholm and at P.A.R.T.S. in Brussels. Since some years I have been doing my own work as a freelance choreographer and producer in Europe, mainly in Sweden and Belgium. My work is often based on virtual worlds such as computer games, animation, manga, science fiction etc. In my work I use sound extensively and this is a big interest of mine, especially how sound is used in cinematic contexts. I am also interested in fiction, storytelling, composition and dramaturgy.

I have more or less stopped dancing but I’m instead training martial arts such as Kung-Fu and Shorijni Kempo.

Right now I am planning a bigger project for 2012 which will be about fictionalizing a real disaster where zombies are invading the theater.

Robin Jonsson / 09 Jun 2011 / 7:27

Good morning

Done, just got home.

This has been really fun. I want to meet you all soon again. we should really stay in contact before and into Trondheim. Good night

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Robin Jonsson / 06 Jun 2011 / 1:45

Why education need to change, videos of my work, and Gilgamesh

I talked to several people in the group about these things, so I post it here and whoever is interested can watch it.

First a talk by Ken Robinson about how, when and why education as we know it today was being formed, in an industrial society. In a model that is becoming more and more obsolete, please see it. It’s really interesting and good;

Also, I tried to explain what I work with to some people, but it was difficult only in words, so, please, have a look here if you want: and

Finally, I am also trying to work with Gilgamesh. But I have found some interesting points. I’ve read a lot now. Here is an interesting and good summary of the story:

Good night


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Robin Jonsson / 05 Jun 2011 / 4:03

What a welcoming

Thank you Estonians for the party, the food, the snacks, the barbecue, the hospitality and for welcoming us and being super-great in general. You are the best.

Also, what’s up with the austrian guy ???? !?!


Robin Jonsson / 04 Jun 2011 / 5:01

Let’s talk

Ok, so.

I just woke up to the beautiful sun. I think that I will go for a run at the beach now.

There are some important things to bring up.

A lot of things happened today. First we saw this documentary about the sumerian culture coming out of an alien culture. This documentary was not really related to us and what we are doing here so I wonder why we watched it.

Then we (in my working group) found something useful right now to do with this task that was given to us yesterday, to do something with rituals. Then a lot of us went out together to sing and to drink, which was supernice. Also we talked really a lot lot about feminism, and this term is problematic to use as it means a number of different things. I now realize that gender equality, studies and rights are really different in different Baltic and Nordic countries.

The wishes, dreams, desires and interests of the BaNd-expanded participants are not very present so far in the work during these days, and this needs to change. Also we need to talk about this.


Oh, I almost forgot. OMG, We know have a trailer, look in Zane’s last post. I will end with a funny quote from the lecture today (yesterday for you) “Predicting is a risky business, especially if it concerns the future”

Good night, love you all


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Robin Jonsson / 03 Jun 2011 / 2:46


2nd day is over and the sun is soon up.

excellent russian-rave clip from Janis, thanks. Here I give you the best piece of dance ever made: by a kind of weird hero, kind of my dance hero.

as was written earlier, lots of talks today and we are working on rituals, somehow, for a reason. let’s get the Tarmo Jusisto’s phd up here on the site! it was a nice lecture which stirred thoughts, obviously. Today we worked more than yesterday and in smaller groups.

/we also talked about Belgium having the world-record in not-having-a-government (in the bar)

/and about personal heroes, like my dad. (in the bar)

/and having a party soon (somewhere)

/some pics




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Robin Jonsson / 01 Jun 2011 / 21:07

First night

We had loads of  mosquito-bites and many beers, I arrived later than the others but had a great time with nice people and heard some faboulous retellings of Gilgamesh, all of which were incomplete, but great.

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