Valters Silis



I am a theatre director working both in institutional and independant theatres.  In Latvia a venue is a very important part of theatre art, and I am interested in finding the limits of what could be done nowhere else but in independent theatres like the Dirty Deal Teatro or the Gertrude Street Theatre, and what could be done only in the National Theatre. I actually like to play with what is considered the tradition in theatre and what woud be a theatre I never could do anywhere else but as an independent project.

I am also working as an actor in different independent projects. Sometimes I perform in my own shows simply because I know that I won’t be able to explane the task of that specific performance to anyone else but myself. Sometimes I am invited in an interesting artistic team and I simply want to spend my time with these people. I am also interested in the communication with the audience and to explore how it is possible to create a unique experience for each spectator in the audience.