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Although I am director from Riga for the last 4 years I work in Valmiera that is a small town (population 27,000) 100km from capital, but nevertheless, there is a theatre that is almost as big as national theatre – 3 stages, 30 actors, 10 premieres per year.

I work mainly in a team consisting of 5-6 artists and we create 2 performances in Valmiera and 1-2 in Riga every year. I like to work mostly with the same actors so that gradually we destroy borders who is responsible for what. Actors are making costumes and looking for music. Sometimes they do the set design also. Everybody is doing everything.

We deal with the topic of identity of latvians. This is actually the axes around which we turn constantly and it seems we never get too far from it. Wether it is social, or political or mytho-poetical genre we always find ourselves connected to this center.

Although our group doesn’t have an official name (we still are working within larger organization), you can easily say that we are a small group of theater makers that found a way to express themselves professionally, in the middle of the woods, in front of an audience, in the way we love to do it.

This is about what we do: “Flood and Solstice in the Sounds of Straumeni

Viesturs Meiksans / 06 Jun 2011 / 22:43

Grupp Neuf

We talked today, and there was a suggestion that I also liked: one day to make a very intensive creative process – to give one hour time for all groups to prepare one task, then show it, then again one hour for the next task or response, then show it. We could get a good rhythm in this way and even make 4 pieces per group. It would be very productive.

PS I actually kinda like Reiner. He smokes really a lot, but every workshop needs some addict for the Gods sake.

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Viesturs Meiksans / 05 Jun 2011 / 22:07


The concert yesterday that took place in a small appartment with blue walls, was unbelievable! There was one finn dressed in a suite and singing ununderstadable lyrics in a 70′s style but 100% honestly. The second was a performer wearing a beard mask filming himself and creating a really voodoo atmosphere. The third was Maike from BAND singing one noise song and other nice atmospheric pieces.

Very impressive evening!!!

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Viesturs Meiksans / 03 Jun 2011 / 13:03


- Jerusalem is the mission control center.

- Homo sapiens were created by Annunaki genetic code implied on Homo erectus.

- 2200 BC nuclear weapons were used.

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Viesturs Meiksans / 03 Jun 2011 / 10:26



I think we have a really heterogenous group, 4 countries representing 5 different professional fields – set design, playwriting, acting, directing, choreograph. We feel rich!

Today we should start to embody our idea of ritual in reality. Yesterday we were, so to say, checking each other;) who thinks what and who likes what, and then came Juhan and with his energy of decision making we finally chose one final idea (from 15). This was a form rather then content idea, but anyway, very soon we found a pretty nice content, too.

Our ritual is called Brainwashing.

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