Agnija Seiko / 06 Jun 2011 / 9:13

arvo part

good morning,
seems, that I havent’ seen you people for a long time. Yesterday was a long day with Estonian friends from the contemporary dance field. It ended in the Opera house with the dance performance “Little prince” (by the way, the austrian guy was watching the performance as well). Little prince a new hero in the list. and more special – I meet the composer Arvo Part (at least my friend taled that it was him. too pity, she told it too late :) ). now trying to get to Gilgamesh as deep as possible to get out something for today. See you soon!

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Robin Jonsson / 06 Jun 2011 / 1:45

Why education need to change, videos of my work, and Gilgamesh

I talked to several people in the group about these things, so I post it here and whoever is interested can watch it.

First a talk by Ken Robinson about how, when and why education as we know it today was being formed, in an industrial society. In a model that is becoming more and more obsolete, please see it. It’s really interesting and good;

Also, I tried to explain what I work with to some people, but it was difficult only in words, so, please, have a look here if you want: and

Finally, I am also trying to work with Gilgamesh. But I have found some interesting points. I’ve read a lot now. Here is an interesting and good summary of the story:

Good night


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Maike Lond / 05 Jun 2011 / 22:47

individual work:hard work

…i’ ve spent the whole sunday mowing the lawn
…6 hours in the monotone sound of the internal combustion engine … the whole time i wasn’t thinking ’bout gilgamesh … i agree with ludvigs post that i dont seem to find a relation to this story .. it somehow keeps on being just a nice story.. and that’s it.
… instead i ve been thinking about nowadays heros – and for some reason thinkin’ ’bout the wikileaks drama and Obama declaring a war against hacking and hackers it seems that my present times hero is the hacking scene where people risk with their lives just to get the political/economical systems more transparent – to get the news Real News.
… don’t know why im talking about it.
… somebody wrote that we have to.
see u tmrw

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Ludvig Uhlbors / 05 Jun 2011 / 21:34

Stories, topics and communication

I had another wonderful day in Tallin. The exhibition at the Kadriorg art museum, Gateways, is well worth a visit. I also visited a vital queer exhibiton, Untold stories, at the Tallin art hall. The exhibition leaned toward activism in its expression but that is quite understandable taking the context and the contemporary discussion in Tallin on HBT issues in consideration.

I spent the evening trying to get under the skin of the Gilgamesh epos. I found several interesting themes in the text, and a good sense of humour too, but in the end I still remain with the same question; why Gilgamesh?

If Gilgamesh is about us humans trying to escape our inevitable death then I am all for discussing this topic with the audience but I don´t see why the myth should stand between me and the audience in order for us to be able to bring this topic to our mutual attention.

This being said I am happy I have spent more time with the material. I now have several suggestions for interesting topics. The remaining three days will be very interesting.

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Janis Balodis / 05 Jun 2011 / 16:32

Individual work – impressions about yesterday

Very shortly.

We experienced three rituals.

First one was brainwashing, but in a positive way. During the ritual you really gained this feeling that you switch to another level of existence.

Second one was my group’s ritual. We hypnotised ourselves to get into a very tiny space  and waited for miracle which didn’t come.

Third ritual was based on translation of one text (diary entry of Viesturs Meiksans). Translations were mixed together and created the feeling of chaos where you are trying to catch some kind of meaning.

After rituals we received next exercise from Peeter. Exercise is to find most interesting parts from lecture about Heroes, Sitchin’s lecture and from epic tale Gilgamesh.

In the afternoon with help of Martins Eihe I found a place where I saw two performances by one Finnish guy and Maike. Performances were somehow very close to the subject which we are dealing with – ritual. These performances created another space for couple of minutes.

In the very late evening we went to Jim’s and Loore’s place. Thank you guys for a warm welcome and your attic apartment is ubercool.

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Ludvig Uhlbors / 05 Jun 2011 / 11:13


Thank´s guys for the excellent barbeque yesterday!

This is our day off. Some of us are going to the art museum at half past 10 and then I think I will spend the day relaxing and reading up on the material more closely. There has not really been any time for private reflection in the midst of all the mingling.

I want to find out if I can get anything out of the myth of Gilgamesh, especially since my first reaction was that the material had very little to do with me. I am gonna give it a shot.

Then maybe a sauna at the hotel.

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Zane Kreicberga / 01 Jun 2011 / 21:10

BaNd:expanded has started in Tallinn

Here we are – the very first meeting of BaNd:expanded ateliers took place today at Von Krahl Theatre in Tallinn. (Paradoxically enough at the same time there was a seminar for music bands going on at Von Krahli bar.) Peeter Jalakas, artistic leader of Von Krahl, who will run the atelier, introduced the whole project saying that this is a time of changing paradigms and that artists have more freedom, but also more responsibility nowadays.

The theme of Tallinn atelier is “A Hero of Today”. What makes a hero both physically and mentally – this question will be explored on a basis of Gilgamesh and other mythical stories. READ MORE

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Robin Jonsson / 01 Jun 2011 / 21:07

First night

We had loads of  mosquito-bites and many beers, I arrived later than the others but had a great time with nice people and heard some faboulous retellings of Gilgamesh, all of which were incomplete, but great.

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