Jim Ashilevi / 14 Feb 2012 / 10:29

Information and sleep

When Loore, Madis and I were on a plane flying towards Sweden and then Norway we instinctively grabbed newspapers from the newsstand before boarding and, right after liftoff, immersed ourselves in information. Lots of talks about ACTA, the death of Whitney Houston and people rebelling in Greece.

(Loore and Madis immersed in crisp fresh papers and crisp fresh info.)

But Madis had a bit of a cold and Loore and I had been awake for dozens of hours so it wasn’t always easy to consume information. Here is Loore expecting invigorating mind-sparks from an article on immaterial labour and getting a lullaby instead:

(Loore reading an article on immaterial labour.)

You can’t see it but Maike was also asleep on the opposite row of soft Arlanda Airport chairs.

The thing is, we use information and stories to become more connected and engaged in the world surrounding us but we also use them as a pathway to sleep.

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