Ludvig Uhlbors / 06 Jun 2011 / 9:38

Off-dramatic theatre?

I spent this morning trying to connect with one of the most basic assumptions we have been introduced to. Peeter Jalakas initially expressed a desire to suggest an esthetic for the future. Even though I find it difficult to conform to the idea of producing a hero for tomorrow I do find it interesting to look for possible future esthetic strategies.

Svetlana Boym, an artist living in Cambridge, has suggested a new prefix. Instead of “fast changing prefixes” she writes “like Post, anti, neo, trans and sub – that suggests an implacable movement forward… I propose to go off: “Off” as in “off kilter,” off Broadway”, “off the map”, or “way off”, “off brand”, “off the wall” and occasionally “off color”.” READ MORE

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Janis Balodis / 05 Jun 2011 / 16:32

Individual work – impressions about yesterday

Very shortly.

We experienced three rituals.

First one was brainwashing, but in a positive way. During the ritual you really gained this feeling that you switch to another level of existence.

Second one was my group’s ritual. We hypnotised ourselves to get into a very tiny space  and waited for miracle which didn’t come.

Third ritual was based on translation of one text (diary entry of Viesturs Meiksans). Translations were mixed together and created the feeling of chaos where you are trying to catch some kind of meaning.

After rituals we received next exercise from Peeter. Exercise is to find most interesting parts from lecture about Heroes, Sitchin’s lecture and from epic tale Gilgamesh.

In the afternoon with help of Martins Eihe I found a place where I saw two performances by one Finnish guy and Maike. Performances were somehow very close to the subject which we are dealing with – ritual. These performances created another space for couple of minutes.

In the very late evening we went to Jim’s and Loore’s place. Thank you guys for a warm welcome and your attic apartment is ubercool.

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Ludvig Uhlbors / 04 Jun 2011 / 21:24

Hesitation and desire

My first experience is that a series of very strong assumptions has been made prior to our arrival and I feel I have arrived in a context restricted by some very clearly defined limitations. This is not necessarily a problem, limitations can be very inspiring, but I am used to have more saying in the processes.

There is, however, a stated agenda with this workshop. Our host, Peeter Jalakas, wants to discuss what comes after postmodernism. He talked about postmodernism as the “cynical” and “ironical” period of “deconstruction”.

For my part I feel that postmodernism, or poststructuralism, has provided me with many useful tools, tools that are still relevant today. For example Gender studies or Queer theory. Relational esthetics can also be one suggestion of how postructuralism has suggested a positive alternative to essensialism. READ MORE

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Zane Kreicberga / 01 Jun 2011 / 21:10

BaNd:expanded has started in Tallinn

Here we are – the very first meeting of BaNd:expanded ateliers took place today at Von Krahl Theatre in Tallinn. (Paradoxically enough at the same time there was a seminar for music bands going on at Von Krahli bar.) Peeter Jalakas, artistic leader of Von Krahl, who will run the atelier, introduced the whole project saying that this is a time of changing paradigms and that artists have more freedom, but also more responsibility nowadays.

The theme of Tallinn atelier is “A Hero of Today”. What makes a hero both physically and mentally – this question will be explored on a basis of Gilgamesh and other mythical stories. READ MORE

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