Ludvig Uhlbors / 04 Jun 2011 / 21:24

Hesitation and desire

My first experience is that a series of very strong assumptions has been made prior to our arrival and I feel I have arrived in a context restricted by some very clearly defined limitations. This is not necessarily a problem, limitations can be very inspiring, but I am used to have more saying in the processes.

There is, however, a stated agenda with this workshop. Our host, Peeter Jalakas, wants to discuss what comes after postmodernism. He talked about postmodernism as the “cynical” and “ironical” period of “deconstruction”.

For my part I feel that postmodernism, or poststructuralism, has provided me with many useful tools, tools that are still relevant today. For example Gender studies or Queer theory. Relational esthetics can also be one suggestion of how postructuralism has suggested a positive alternative to essensialism. READ MORE

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