Agnija Seiko / 08 Jun 2011 / 17:32

moving the flower one more time

the last call group. very insprired people. this lady in red, so fantastic. and the guy stting, his smile is great. i guess this one is estonian. very slow reactions. cute boy standing behind. drinking and smoking too much. energy is very good. they must be important ones. they should understand the concept. especially estonians. moving the flower. oh, my god, this guy is great, the sitting one. tension. great end. they are not moving. wow.

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Agnija Seiko / 08 Jun 2011 / 17:23

moving the flower

the third group. oh, this funny guy. strange that he is without headphones. very deep looking. it is so great to have people like this. trying to find meaning. dont see a champain. this boy is so cute. his hair is wet, looks great. very positive. headphones guy got hipnotised. very into the performance. all of them. they could watch and watch this. performers are doing a great job. fantastic. they have a sense of humor. perfect group. they will buy it. they found the meaning!!!! moving the flower!!!!!!!!!

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Agnija Seiko / 08 Jun 2011 / 17:13

performance day

we are making our performance. four people are here. with the beer. impossible. they forgot that is the performance. lets see how our theatre tools are working. one man is not intrested. fuck. flower starts to move. we got their attention, good, they are drinking. i see, they will buy it. they really understand the meaning, making links. their brain is working. they are not very concentrated. too much beer. reaction. we got a proposal to go on tour.

the second performance. 3 nice girls. really nice. very concentrated. pity that austrian guy was in another group, Zane missed chance to meet him. Maybe tonight, later. very inspired. good. for sure we get to Riga. And they are moving with the music. oh, I like audience who feels the music. I see how they make connections in their heads. what a deep thinking audience. still concentrated. great show this one. wow, so participating.

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Zane Kreicberga / 08 Jun 2011 / 10:43

Rituals 2

Video: Emer Vark / Von Krahl

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Zane Kreicberga / 08 Jun 2011 / 10:39

Rituals 1

Video: Emer Vark / Von Krahl

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Agnija Seiko / 07 Jun 2011 / 16:48


3rd group. Oh, the main producer arrived! Great. He is very intrested. And the rest as well. But the energy is not very high. Performers got a bit tired. That was a difficult one. Strong audience.

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Agnija Seiko / 07 Jun 2011 / 16:42

final production

2nd group. Well, they are very present. They are here. Giving themselves. Looking very intelectual. Don’t make photos, you don’t have a permission. Getting very exited. Not too much. See the set. It’s great, isn’t it? Think, think. Good, guys. You are doing well. We will get a tour in Europe. I know. It goes very well. Performers are great. They don’t feel bad, I see it. They enjoy it so much. The right audience. And tickets are not so expensive.

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Agnija Seiko / 07 Jun 2011 / 16:38

Final presentation, Riga, 2013

The first group just arrived. Janis lookes at me. It’s not the first perfomance, Jani. Wow, it is so exiting. They got very intrested. And suprised. Show goes very well. We have the press here. So there will be an article on the newspaper. And sun is shining in Riga. What a dancer we have, did you see her. She has high heels. Thank you, it was very good.  The old tools of the theatre work well. Postmodernism.

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