Loore Martma / 14 Feb 2012 / 1:46

Immaterial rain

Today after the performance.. Well, derived from the talk me and Ludvig had earlier- I had my head full of different thoughts. Luckily we solved them quickly.

But first..

Lets say that art has a mission. I mean, why we do or need art. Ok, art has a mission. What is the mission about? To get closer to the truth? What truth? (what is the artistic truth?) Ok, one can call it differently- truth, love, god. Whatever, that’s up to the artist.
So now, when we add to the subject the fact that this year will be the end of the world. Then, its like You find out that Your great-aunt is going to die. And as she is the wisest lady You know, she will give You all the answers. But the point is, You have to ask the right question.
I hope You still follow me.
So, You wish that there is hope in the end (in the end of what? Performance? Great-aunts life?). They say that artist cannot take away the hope (ok, that’s also questionable) but anyway, I continue. Then, what is the hope in the end of the world?
That there is the afterlife?
There is paradise waiting for You?
Or us?
Come on.

So, these were the some thoughts I had after the performance.

The Thai food was really good.

Hello-hello to Martins.