Zane Kreicberga / 08 Jun 2011 / 10:43

Rituals 2

Video: Emer Vark / Von Krahl

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Zane Kreicberga / 08 Jun 2011 / 10:39

Rituals 1

Video: Emer Vark / Von Krahl

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Justas Tertelis / 01 Jun 2011 / 23:22

First day

Every time when I started to write diary the first day I was very enthusiastic but every time after few days I simply forgot that I’m writing it. Thanks to Zane I’m starting again. Let’s see what will happen this time. There is always hope that things can change.

So I’m saying “hello” to those who are interested in reading what will be written here. I’m saying “hello” to those who participate in this project. And “hello” to Tallinn and Von Krahl theatre.

Zane told that we can put here what ever we want. So some photos from travel to Tallinn and first meeting.

It took so long to put in these photos… and I’m not sure will it work. I go to sleep.

Tomorrow : To ritual or not to ritual?

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Zane Kreicberga / 01 Jun 2011 / 21:10

BaNd:expanded has started in Tallinn

Here we are – the very first meeting of BaNd:expanded ateliers took place today at Von Krahl Theatre in Tallinn. (Paradoxically enough at the same time there was a seminar for music bands going on at Von Krahli bar.) Peeter Jalakas, artistic leader of Von Krahl, who will run the atelier, introduced the whole project saying that this is a time of changing paradigms and that artists have more freedom, but also more responsibility nowadays.

The theme of Tallinn atelier is “A Hero of Today”. What makes a hero both physically and mentally – this question will be explored on a basis of Gilgamesh and other mythical stories. READ MORE

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